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Alexandra Gantier-Hochart is the founder of AGH Digital PR, founded in 2020.

Alexandra loves connecting people with decision-makers and helping organizations with meaningful partnerships and networks.

She began her career in Public Relations in 2007 at the Delegation for Information and Communication of the Ministry of the Interior in France, which is responsible for the Ministry's communication. There, she created the Ministry's first page on social networks. She then continued her career in a PR and public affairs agency, then in national and international organizations such as UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

As an international in-house lawyer, Alexandra worked in Parisian law firms such as Fidal International (KPMG), Landwell & Associés (PwC Paris), and in think tanks.

Alexandra has a passion for legislative and regulatory changes on topics that are close to her heart. From 2007 to 2014, Alexandra organized many high-profile events in the political arena. She now brings this expertise to the Chicago communities.

After having lived in Quito, London, and Paris, Alexandra is trilingual in Spanish, English, and French.

Since 2017, she has lived in Chicago with her husband and son.


Simran Sodhi

Editor & Press coordinator

Simran Sodhi worked at ANI-Asian News International agency in 2015 and with communication professionals in the news making process, writing and editing for SAN- South Asian News lines.  Her constant desire to connect with people led her to take up volunteer work at Maitri India (NGO) in 2017, a non-governmental organization that aims to help the underprivileged communities in India. She taught English to young children of Maitrigram, making them realize their worth and uplifting them to face the world fearlessly.


Simran is trilingual. She also learned Spanish to be able to communicate with people from different cultures and backgrounds.


Holding a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in English literature and having professional experience in the field of media and communication makes her proficient in her work. She is proud of possessing the skill and expertise in the field of communication and PR.  She desires to use her prowess and passion to bring people and organizations closer together.


Simran is currently pursuing an M.S. Global Strategic Communication at Loyola University, Chicago while working for AGH Digital PR as an editor and press coordinator.