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Empowering causes,
Shaping the Future

Welcome to AGH Public Relations! Located in the vibrant city of Chicago, we are a dynamic Public Relations Agency established in 2020. Equipped with a deep understanding of digital communications, public relations, and public affairs, our mission is to create a meaningful impact for organizations and companies of all scales. Trust us to expertly navigate the ever-evolving PR landscape, amplifying your voice and crafting a compelling narrative that genuinely resonates.

AGH's Commitment to Global Causes and Empowering Voices
for Change

AGH is driven by a solid commitment to serving causes, not-for-profits, and organizations of all sizes that aspire to create a significant, sustainable, and positive impact on a global scale. We believe in the power of effective communication and strategic PR to amplify the voices of those who strive for change.


AGH takes the lead in supporting causes that advocate for progress in various vital areas.

  • Education, Children & Youth empowerment

  • Human rights

  • Health and Well-Being

  • Sustainable Food

  • Women's Issues, Empowerment, and Gender Equality 

  • Environment, Climate Change

  • Domestic & International Issues such as Violence, Peacebuilding, Hunger & Poverty

  • Protection and Welfare of Animals

AGH: Global Collaboration,
Top-tier Services, High-quality Attention

With a global perspective, AGH collaborates with clients locally, regionally, and internationally, offering top-tier services and delivering high-quality attention. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique goals and tailor our strategies to meet their needs.

What We Do

Our digital communications, public relations, and public affairs expertise allows us to create compelling campaigns, build meaningful relationships, and drive impactful outcomes.


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Willis Tower - Industrious

233 S Wacker Drive, Suite 44

Chicago, IL, 60618

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